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Sadness is perfect.
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In Passing
And so, again, she'd pass me by
No need for me to know just why
No reason, then, that I should try
In graves where wishes die
The silly fantasies at play
With all the things I cannot say
So, once again, I waste a day
To cause my own dismay
Chasing shadows in changing light
Against itself the mind will fight
Against the knowledge of what's right
The limits of my sight
To be so blind and yet believe
What good could such hope achieve?
So far to fall and thus to grieve
As, once again, she'd leave
The failings of my blackened soul
Like soot from used and burnt-up coal
Begin to drive me round the pole
Lost now, down a hole
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 7 1
Silent Futures
Gazing at a crystal ball
Seeing a brick wall
Wondering which boat to ride
Trying to decide
Staring at a crystal ball
Product of man's fall
Seeing just a murky blur
Trying to infer
Glaring at a crystal ball
Knowing not its call
Knowledge that should not be mine
Trying to divine
Looking at a crystal ball
In an empty hall
Blocking out the call to leave
Trying to believe
Studying the drying leaves
Nothing it achieves
Always looking for a sign
Which future is mine?
Seeking out an unknown plan
As no mere man can
Future with exactitude
Empty platitude
What is thus determined?
What have I not read?
Trying to learn life's desperate mime
There is so much time
Looking out upon the waves
The future never saves
There are now no boats to ride
They left with the tide
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 7 1
Forgotten Princess
Forgotten princess
No kingdom to bless
The castle abandoned
Though not yet ruined
The darkest night
Yet clear as light
Amidst the caves
Her hair in waves
Her foot falls soft
Down from the loft
Hearing echoes
She only knows
Walls tell her stories
Of former glories
Yet cannot see
What she could be
She sees in dreams
What only seems
Yet seems so real
Though cannot feel
Inside the maze
She walks for days
Friendly shadows
She only knows
The dreams escape
Her lips agape
Around the walls
Her siren calls
Her crying heart
In works of art
The paintings fade
While she has stayed
Longing silence
Lonely presence
In fading lows
She only knows
And in her sleep
Thoughts cannot keep
Her mattress soft
Up in the loft
The eiderdown
Her evening gown
And from her head
Her red curls spread
O'er the pillow
A copper glow
The noiseless prose
She only knows
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 12 1
Late Night
Running late
In such a state
A messy plate
An unknown fate
So much to do
I can't break through
And what is true
In satin blue?
To wonder how
Things happen now
Hand to the plough
Sweat on my brow
What times will be
Can man be free?
An aching plea
I cannot see
A helpless prayer
A youthful care
An awkward dare
A stolen stare
I distant charm
Upsets the calm
Silent alarm
What is the harm?
The siren song
It takes so long
I am not strong
It must be wrong
The temptress mocks
Me from the rocks
Beyond the docks
And canal locks
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 5 1
Her silent presence
Leaves me tense
Not much sense
In my defence
Her copper locks
And Sunday frocks
Her silence mocks
The conscience blocks
Like bergamasques
Amidst my tasks
My fancy basks
More than she asks
What can I say
In such delay
Outwith her way
As any day?
As such, I choke
I'm such a joke
A feeble stoke
And then revoke
Behind my eyes
My mind sees lies
A small surprise
Desires rise
To see in nerves
Her graceful curves
The mind train swerves
What it deserves
Experience shows
Just how it goes
Not that she knows
How she would pose
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 5 1
Walking in the windswept dales
Cold wind tunnels through the vales
In the heather on the plains
My blood thickens in my veins
In this strangely barren place
Even so, I see her face
And her hips, her waist, her chest
She follows me and gives no rest
Her hurting, pleading eyes reflect
The way I speak with no respect
My vanity dressed in selfless guise
My honesty cov'ring barefac'd lies
She sees and knows I am a fraud
And of my talk she must be bored
She haunts me, though she isn't there
In real life she does not care
She speaks, although she does not talk
Her fair complexion, just like chalk
Displays the faintest crimson blush
Demanding that I hear her hush
My hurtful words as yet unsaid
Left for a future where we're wed
Would she forgive me if I'd ask
Although I fail my basic task
Is this a vision of my fate
Or just a hazy mental state?
How much can man decide his course
Without exerting undue force?
And could it be this too shall pass?
The vision blown to broken glass
Of the choppy, ic
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 11 2
A pleasant banshee
Haunteth me
Yet I can't see
Should it be me?
Dazzled by her bright red hair
Stripped naked by her careful stare
Recalling every dress she'd wear
In all the times she isn't there
Is her vision heaven-sent?
If so, what on earth was meant?
How long must my heart be rent
When all my feelings I can't vent?
Why the banshee in the halls
And within all my mental walls?
Do I heed her silent calls
In memories of prior falls?
She floats above the wooden floors
And flits between the half-shut doors
She sees right through my many flaws
Haunting as my conscience gnaws
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 5 1
Recurring Thoughts
In fleeting shadows
Amidst my thoughts
In twisted prose
The mind reports
A living ghost who tempts undressed
Her cheeky looks my soul is stressed
Yet clearly now I can't be blessed
I cannot speak when I am pressed
To know the words behind her lips
The thoughts under her ginger hair
Such common thoughts about her hips
A helpless wish I should not care
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 7 1
A scattered thought
So rarely caught
Not what I'm taught
I can't report
Unwitting snare
She does not spare
She cannot care
'Be now aware'
She does not see
Where I would be
Her mystery
A long-lost key
What is the law
If I adore?
Internal war
My soul is raw
I know no more
My soul is poor
An empty store
Is there a door?
All reasons flee
Is this now me?
I am not free
In fantasy
Unbreathed air
With no repair
Her skin so fair
Her ginger hair
A thinking sport
A path so fraught
By all report
I'm not her sort
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 4 0
My soul cries out
A silent shout
What's this about?
Am I devout?
I see her face
In every place
I wish to chase
But cannot race
So paralysed
And analysed
I realised
So self-despised
Her searching look
As I mistook
Is from a book
My soul now shook
So far away
Yet close today
What can I say
Without delay?
Her frequent glance
Her blue eyes dance
Is this a chance
Or just a trance?
She strokes her hair
And should I care
What she would wear?
Her skin so fair
And when she's there
My helpless stare
And would she care?
My aching prayer
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 6 1
Of dreams and fantasies
And wishes to please
And hazy realities
A state of dis-ease
The future in mind
Yet what shall I find?
In fleeting depictions
The longing afflictions
So many directions
So few the protections
In thoughts of her evening
And wishes to sing
Hopelessly dazzled
And thereafter frazzled
The glow of her smile
In memory file
In search of the mystery
The mind gets all blistery
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 5 0
Her Again
The thought which lingers
I count on my fingers
Her sparkling eyes
My mind full of lies
Of longings, desires
And still-burning fires
And wishes which fester
And cross all the wires
The ache for her beauty
How much can I see
Before I stop grasping
At reality?
Could I yet see her?
And would she see me?
When comes the answer?
And what could it be?
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 4 4
Sunday Night
In the quiet, the wondering
Of benefit and meaning
Of what I should believe
And was meant to achieve
In exhaustion, questions
Of undelivered lessons
Of what my life was meant to be
And what I'm meant to see
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 1 2
I feel such desire
Yet am so calm
Inside, a fire
But yet no alarm
A guide in the dark
Need to be wise
The sound of a lark
Temptation flies
Worth every moment
So far away
Try to be patient
Now what shall I say?
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 3 0
Fisher Library II by dai-vee Fisher Library II :icondai-vee:dai-vee 5 0 Fisher Library by dai-vee Fisher Library :icondai-vee:dai-vee 4 0
Wishing Vera Lynn, the Forces' Sweetheart, a happy 100th birthday.


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